"I have taken more than 22 years of experience as a police officer and detective as well as more than 13 years as a forensic artist and combined them in order to place in your hands the tools you need to succeed as a forensic artist. I will also incorporate my training at the FBI Academy as well as my training at Northwestern University to help you become the best forensic artist you can be."


Our Mission

To promote social change by equipping our students to become fully trained forensic artists and thus contribute to our communities by assisting law enforcement in the identification and apprehension of perpetrators of crime.



  • understanding forensic art and its purpose
  • drawing the human face
  • understanding the anatomical facial differences between ethnicities
  • understanding the dynamics of police investigations and how to work effectively with law enforcement 
  • understanding the criminal mind
  • interviewing witnesses and victims of crime
  • the cognitive interview for the recollection of facial features
  • certification by the santoyo forensic academy
  • assistance in promoting your services
  • continued support